Dropping support for Windows XP and Server 2003

The 7.0 release of The Server Framework, which is likely to be released early next year, will no longer support Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

The 6.6.x releases will be the last to support these operating systems. Release 6.6.3, is due shortly and is a minor bug fixing release. We may release subsequent 6.6.x bug fix releases but no new development will occur on the 6.6 branch.

Removal of support for these operating systems allows us to clean up the code considerably and to remove lots of code that's required purely to work around 'interesting' twists in various Windows APIs pre-Vista.


Hello Len, would you mind writing a post about those twists?

I don't really have time to go back through the code and write up all of the issues, in general it's things like the fact that before Vista overlapped I/O that was initiated on a thread would be cancelled if it hadn't completed before that thread exited - this led to quite a complex I/O operation 'marshalling' system (only enabled on XP) which caused I/O operations to be executed from an I/O pool if they were initiated on a non I/O pool. Then there's the various CancelIo/CancelIOEx wrinkles, plus numerous 'deal with old platform SDK issues' things... In summary I'm pleased to see the back of XP.

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