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Debug logging and tracing
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Detailed Description

We use minimal debug tracing in the form of calls to JetByteTools::Core::Output and (even less often) JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx. If an application requires a trace log for support purposes then we implement one, probably using asynchronous file I/O to write the log using the JetByteTools::IO::CAsyncFileLog logger. A support log is NOT, in our opinion, the same as a debug trace, it's part of the application and should be designed with as much care as the rest of the application. Debug trace files tend to accumulate rubbish over time as trace statements are put in to help debug problems. See: here and here for more details.

This section contains links to the code that implements this concept.


class  CDebugTrace


void SetLogFileName (const std::string &s)
void SetLogFileName (const std::wstring &s)
void OutputEx (const ILogMessages::VectorOfLines &s)
void OutputEx (const ILogMessages::DequeOfLines &s)
void OutputEx (const std::string &s)
void OutputEx (const std::wstring &s)
void OutputEx (const char *const pString)
void OutputEx (const wchar_t *const pString)
void OutputEx (const char *const pString, const ILogMessages::DataLength stringLength)
void OutputEx (const wchar_t *const pString, const ILogMessages::DataLength stringLength)
void Output (const std::string &)
void Output (const std::wstring &)
void Output (const char *const )
void Output (const wchar_t *const )
void Output (const char *const , const ILogMessages::DataLength)
void Output (const wchar_t *const , const ILogMessages::DataLength)

Function Documentation

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const wchar_t *  const,
const ILogMessages::DataLength   
) [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const char *  const,
const ILogMessages::DataLength   
) [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const wchar_t *  const  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const char *  const  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const std::wstring &   )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::Output ( const std::string &   )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const wchar_t *const   pString,
const ILogMessages::DataLength  stringLength 
) [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const char *const   pString,
const ILogMessages::DataLength  stringLength 
) [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const wchar_t *const   pString  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const char *const   pString  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const std::wstring &  s  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const std::string &  s  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const ILogMessages::DequeOfLines &  s  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::OutputEx ( const ILogMessages::VectorOfLines &  s  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::SetLogFileName ( const std::wstring &  s  )  [inline]

void JetByteTools::Core::SetLogFileName ( const std::string &  s  )  [inline]

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