Products - WASP

WASP is a pluggable application server for custom TCP or UDP protocols. WASP supports SSL/TLS using the SChannel Option pack this allows you to secure your TCP endpoints with SSL.

You provide your business logic and message framing and we provide the networking know how. Getting your server up and running with WASP is as simple as writing a DLL and configuring WASP. The latest release of WASP will always use the latest release of The Server Framework so transitioning from the free WASP to a commercially licensed WASP is guaranteed to be trouble free.

The idea behind WASP is that it enables you to try out some aspects of The Server Framework before buying. It also allows non-commercial operations with limited budgets access to our high performance networking I/O code.

WASP is free for non-commercial use and you can use it to prototype your commercial systems before you reach a public beta phase. If you decide that the technology behind WASP is a good fit for your scalability requirements then you can either license the options of The Server Framework that you require and continue to use WASP with your plugins or you can transition from WASP to a more full featured server by integrating your business logic with The Server Framework directly.

The source to WASP will shortly be made available as an example server for The Server Framework.

The latest release of WASP can always be downloaded from the WASP download page, here.

To help you get started with WASP there's a complete tutorial available on our blog, see here for details.