Products - The Free Framework

The Free Framework is a snapshot of code that makes up The Server Framework that was taken back in 2002 and that has had very few changes made to it since.

We will fix serious bugs but apart from that there's little to no support for The Free Framework and it's unlikely that we'll ever release another free snapshot.

The Free Framework is still useful and lots of users who do not wish to license The Server Framework, or simply wish to learn about high performance network I/O on Windows platforms find The Free Framework very useful.

Back when we originally developed the code that has become The Server Framework we decided that the best way to thrash the bugs out of the system and to make sure that the framework was as reusable as possible was to make it available to other developers.

The code that is now The Free Framework originally appeared in a series of articles on The Code Project website.

The original articles and source code can be found here:

Now that the code has been moved over to The Server Framework the latest code will always be found on The Free Framework's download page, here.