Latest release of The Server Framework: 6.5.7

Version 6.5.7 of The Server Framework was released today.

This release contains one important bug fix and support for Visual Studio 2012 RTM. The bug that was introduced in 6.5.6 has exposed a gap in our unit testing which has also been filled with this release.

If you use either the Read Timeout filter or VS2012 RTM then you should install this update.

This release includes the following, see the release notes, here, for full details of all changes.

  • Updated our support of Visual Studio 2012 to the RTM version. Added a few more warning suppressions. Fixed the solution file format so that it's actually a 2012 solution file and not a 2010 solution file using the 2012 tool chain.
  • Bug fix to the changes in 6.5.6 to CReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter. The 'connection closed' data is per connection and not per filter. The bug manifests as timers not being set on any connections once a single connection has closed.
  • Added unit tests for CReadTimeoutStreamSocketConnectionFilter.

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